L’appel du vide

“I painted a big dead rat in the drainage canal, bloated so hard you could see its hide shinning between its fur. Nearby, a crew of buzzards slunk ignoring the carcass, as if to say, We know eat horrible things for a living, but there is a limit.”

—   Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned: Stories, Wells Tower

“'All I ask of life,' he says, 'is a bunch of books, a bunch of dreams, and a bunch of cunt.'”

—   Tropics of Cancer, Henry Miller

“She knew what she wanted and it wasn’t me. I know more women like that than any other kind.”

—   Love is a Dog From Hell, Charles Bukowski

“Now she’s gone and I’m sitting here drunk and my eyes seem wet with tears. It’s very quiet and I feel like I have a spear rammed into the center of my gut. I walk to the bathroom and puke. Mercy, I think, doesn’t the human race know anything about mercy?”

—   Love is a Dog From Hell, Charles Bukowski

“Beware the small man in Texas; he must be ten times meaner to survive in this land of giants.”

—   The Son, Philipp Meyer

“…believe in what you see being most of what there is, as I’ve taught my students, and that life’s passed along to us empty. So, while significance weights heavy, that’s the most it does. Hidden meaning is all but absent”

—   Canada, Richard Ford

“…the opposite of everything obvious served full consideration. The opposite could turn out to be truth.”

—   Canada, Richard Ford

“My problem is that I fall in love with every woman I fuck. I fuck good, but I am overemotional. To me, when a woman gives me her body, I feel as if she is giving me her soul; that’s part of what makes me hot. And then the whole act has overtones of death and murder and conquest. But mostly I feel a rush of fondness and love, and I can’t overcome it.”

—   Absence of the Hero 2 (Uncollected Stories/Essays 2) Charles Bukowski

“There’s little doubt in my mind that you can never really know a woman until you have sex with her, or she with you. And the more you have, the better you know each other. And if it keeps working, it’s love. And if it stops working, then it’s what most other people have. I’m not saying sex is love; it can possibly be hate. But when the sex is good, other things enter-color of a dress, the freckle on the arm, various attachments and detachments, the laughter of it, and the pain.”

—   Absence of the Hero: 2 (Uncollected Stories/Essays 2) Charles Bukowski
A deer passing though our camp site early morning in Big Bend national park
Met this little guy at El Cosmico camp ground in Marfa, Texas.
Driving down I-10 in west Texas to Big Bend national park
Driving down I-10 in west Texas to Big Bend national park